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Monday, March 30, 2009

Express Yourself! "Stress and Studying"

Studying for finals and midterms tends to be automatically linked with stress. In fact, where stress is already built into a situation where you need to call up all the important information that you’ve learned in each of several classes over the course of several months, the last thing students need to do is add to the stress of midterms and finals, right? Well, unfortunately, many students inadvertently do just that. Certain common practices that often make finals even more stressful than they need to be. Do any of these sound familiar?

Pulling “All-Nighters”

Many students especially those who work best with deadlines find themselves staying up all night studying. Going through the next day exhausted, many may wonder if it’s worth it do the benefits of an all-night study session outweigh the sleepiness and fuzzy thinking that generally characterize the next day? Recent research says ‘no.’ A study set to be published in the January issue of Behavioural Sleep Medicine found that students who regularly pulled all-nighters tended to have lower GPAs than those who didn’t. The study also found that most students didn’t stay up all night studying because they had to. They did it because it was ‘kind of fun,’ or a rite of passage. This is good news because it means that most students, armed with the understanding that all-nighters aren’t associated with higher grades, can stop.

Aisyah Aqilah
ex-student of SMKKK1

5 Adil, 07

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Express Yourself! "Peer Pressure"


Peer pressure. When you hear it, you might go “oh no, not this topic again.” Well, at least that’s what I thought when I picked this topic out of the bunch. But I’m not talking about the same thing that you might have listened or heard about. So, peer pressure : are you the victim or the culprit~??

Let’s start from the question : what is peer pressure? In the simplest term, it is an influence on a person by other people who are about the same age. Teenagers especially.

If you are used to be bossed around, or are afraid of being alone, not confident of yourself, then, let me tell you this: you got problems. And you have to fix that because this will allow you’ve to be influenced easily. Thus, you are prone to be peer pressured and people will look at you as a toy, the puppet that everyone can play with. You will lose your dignity. Not only that, if you are drown in the darkness of peer pressure , you can lose yourself and you might never be able to get back to the surface ever. You won’t realize such loss but it is the biggest loss you will get. So please take it seriously and take care of your dignity seriously. Think about your family, your mother and father that gave up a lot for you to be a good person, protect your family’s name. If it wasn’t for anyone else, then, do it for yourself.

If you are a leader of a clique, or if your friends follow your orders without any complaint, and especially if you are the person who doesn’t like different people and wants your friends to be like you, then, watch out! Because you might be the one who put peer pressure on people.

Some might know that already. But some just don’t seem to realize that you are messing with someone’s head. You have to realize that it is selfish to force people to be someone they are not. If you can’t accept someone who they really are, then , don’t expect that person to like you either. Would you like it if people want you to be like them? Especially something you are against of ? I don’t think so. However, at the same time you can be yourself without patronizing people. You will find someone who can accept who you really are and you have to accept people for who they really are too. Be cooperative. And don’t be a hypocrite. If you know that no one wants to be friends with you just because you are different, then you don’t need friends. You have to be confident. You have to be proud that you are different. You are original. You are you. And no one can take that away from you. But at the same time, don’t blame people for not accepting you. Unless your differences are inappropriate, maybe it is the way you talk, you might be too sarcastic or heartless. Or maybe you just talk too much. And those are the things that you shouldn’t be proud of. So look into yourself and try to change, for the better only. As a Wiseman said once: do goodness for goodness sake.

You have to know that, if you are weak, and easily influenced, there is not much you can do in your life. You would trust people too easily and people can fool you a lot of time. People won’t have respect for you, people will look down on you. People will even ignore you. Whether or not you are peer pressured, you will feel some sort of emptiness in you because you can’t be who you are and in some cases, suicide is committed. This is dangerous and you should really open your eyes and see, able to differentiate between right and wrong.

You also have to know that, if you are too strong, too demanding, too hardheaded, you can ruin your and someone else’s life. You have to know what you are doing. You have to think about the consequences afterwards. If you know one person’s policy or motto don’t take that away from them, especially if it were the right ones. You have to be considerate and you have to think about others too. You cant just walk in someone life and expose outrageous information to them in order for them to change. That is so rude and selfish. And don’t expect people to be just like you so don’t blame people when they mock you one day. Blame yourself for what you did. That is why you have to think before you act. Don’t look so high on yourself. Don’t be too arrogant just because you might have more advantages than others. You are making a fool of yourself.

What I’m trying to say is, peer pressure, either you are the victim or culprit , it is no good for both sides. So change while you still can.

Sofia Khairuddin
5 Bestari

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

English Language Resource Centre/Multimedia Room 4

The aim of the English Resource Centre is to provide various types of material for teachers, and as a 40-seats multimedia room, it also provides access to a range of equipment, software and related tools that support the teaching and learning process. The materials and equipment available in the English Resource Centre are:

  1. Resource books for teachers

  2. Teacher support material (compilations of worksheets, handouts, course materials, etc)

  3. Reference and workbooks for students (for bulk loan)

  4. English novels

  5. Dictionaries

  6. CD-ROMs

  7. Visualizer

  8. LCD projector

  9. Speakers

  10. CD players

  11. Printers

Monday, March 23, 2009

Teaching Staff

English Language Panel members:

  1. Maslinda Mohd Noor (Panel Head)
  2. Siti Sarah Saidin (Secretary)
  3. Azliana Ariffin
  4. Chen Yoke Chin
  5. Haliza Hasan
  6. Marliza Mansor
  7. Masniwati Mohd Said
  8. Nor Izzati Yaacob
  9. Noraini @ Norizan Ab Rahman
  10. Norani Nor Ismail
  11. Rohana Ishak
  12. Rohaya Mahmood
  13. Rohaya Zakaria
  14. Rozana Hassim
  15. Rozita Ab Karim
  16. Shaharuni Mat Nawi
  17. Siti Marsila Mohd Khairy
  18. Siti Mas Ratna Mohd Khairy
  19. Wan Rozanna Ismail